Welcome to Meuse Farm Brewery and Market. Where we bridge the gap between our European roots and Norfolk County home. Our aim is to create an authentic farmstead brewery and market. To do so, our aim is to source locally as much as possible, from the produce we offer in our market to the ingredients we use in the brewing of our beer.

Our mission is simple: to offer the freshest top quality produce available. With an emphasis on sourcing locally, while still maintaining a wide selection to satisfy the desires of our community.

On the Farm

You will find our farm located near the Northern border of Norfolk County, along highway 24 South of Brantford. Our 12 acres of agricultural land will be used to grow barley for our brewery with the help of a neighbouring farmer who is in the process of transitioning our fields to be certified organic.

While our market is set right along highway 24, our property is split in two by a strip of Carolinian forest and a creek. At the western most end of our farm is our modest brewing facility. Once our brewing space is completed we will encourage visitors to our farm to walk along the trail to view the brewery.

Want to learn more about the brewery?

Beer is more than a refreshing beverage. There is an immense scope in brewing ranging from longstanding traditions to modern trends, from regional influences to personal preferences. At Meuse, we get excited about beer and its possibilities. This is why we want to specialize ourselves in some unique styles of beer; from finding a marriage between beer and wine country through our barrel-aging program to exploring the traditions of farmhouse brewing.

Head on over the brewery site for all things beer!